Trying to use boa-constructor

Kevin Altis altis at
Sun Mar 2 01:13:24 CET 2003

This is fixed for Boa in cvs. The problem is that Boa 0.2 is doing from
wxPython.wx import * and a number of Boa modules were getting the string
module references from that import. wxPython had the usage of the
string module replaced with string methods, so import string was removed
from the wxPython.wx module.

So, you can either go back to wxPython and use Boa 0.2 or you can
checkout Boa from cvs if you want to continue using wxPython or
later. I don't know when Riaan plans to make a Boa 0.2.1 release.


"Doug Farrell" <writeson at> wrote in message
news:Cfa8a.7538$M85.813209 at
> Hi all,
> I have a couple of questions. I'd like to use boa-constructor to build
> GUI forms for a wxPython program we are working on at work. This would
> the problem of building forms by hand. Does anyone have any good tutorial
> information on using boa-constructor? I find the built in help not much
> help. :)
> Second, I'm having problem at home running (the main entry point
> the program. It tells me the global name "string" is not defined and bombs
> out. Any clues as to what is going on? I have python 2.2.1 running with
> latest rpm file from wxPython.
> Thanks in advance,
> Doug Farrell

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