ANN: Wing IDE 1.1.9 Released, Supports Python 2.3

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Tue Mar 25 17:14:57 CET 2003


We're happy to announce the release of Wing IDE 1.1.9.

Wing IDE is a powerful commercial software development environment for the
Python programming language.  It provides: (1) an industrial-strength
networked debugger with graphical and command line debug process probing,
(2) an editor with auto-completion, goto-definition, and many other
Python-aware features, (3) a source code and doc-string browser, 
and (4) a project manager.

Wing supports many commonly used Python technologies with easy-to-use 
quick start guides:


Tkinter, PyGTK, pygame, and debugging inside embedded interpreters or 
CGI scripts running under a web server are all also supported.

Wing IDE runs on Windows 98 through XP, Linux, and OS X.  FreeBSD and
Solaris are available with compilation from source code.

This release adds:

* Support for Python 2.3
* Expanded debug value extraction classes that emulate dicts,
  descend from built-in classes, or define __members__
* Support for OS X framework builds of Python
* Improved auto-indent within long logical lines
* Edge marker on editor
* Expanded cursor repositioning commands
* Improved browser detection and launching on Linux
* Improved and configurable console debugging on Linux/Unix
* Several other minor features and improvements

More Info:
Quick Start:
Free Trial:

Please send questions or suggestions to support at


The Wing IDE Team

Wing IDE for Python
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