win32com: Accessing MAPIOBJECT

Joel usenet at
Fri Mar 14 05:02:28 CET 2003

grante at (Grant Edwards) wrote in
news:3e70b3f7$0$83868$a1866201 at 

> Thanks.  I probably won't get around to looking at it anytime
> soon.  My Outlook->SMTP gateway program works pretty well
> without the headers, so it's just a "nice-to-have" feature.

I found that the script did the trick. Its in the Outlook2000 
folder in the Spambayes distribution.

The script itself had a test function that interated through all of the 
folders and returned Email objects so it was nothing to hack it up to dump 
the text out to the text files I needed.  

Thanks again Tim for the pointer.


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