Logging _into_ an application

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Wed Mar 19 22:30:23 CET 2003

First: Thanks to all who replied :-)

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> It seems that you want to have a running application, and be able
> to do things with it from within another application, while the
> original application keeps on running at the same time.
> A mechanism for this is usually called IPC - short for InterProcess
> Communication. You have to create some sort of interface in
> your application that allows it to be accessed "from the outside",
> whatever that may be (you called it "loggin into an application").

Yes, exactly. Thus my next question ;-) Is the Python interpreter interface
accessible from Python modules? I know the cmd module, but with that I still
would have to (re)create the input-eval-respond cycle. I don't fear that but
I would avoid it if the functionality is already accessible.

> It could also very well be that you just want to "look inside"
> your running application. Debuggers are the tools for doing that.

I would like to "look inside" a long-running server process, especially
looking at used resources.

That is/will be a Webware-based application, so I could make up custom
admin web pages. On the other hand, this is probably too much work for
things I (probably) seldom need. It would be nice to have a more flexible
tool to explore the running application.

A variant of the custom webpage would be a simple page with a text area
that passes its input to exec and returns the output on the response page.
However, I would like the interpreter-like command line interface more.


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