Condorcet analysis of Official PEP308 Ballots

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Mar 11 21:39:09 CET 2003

Anthony Baxter wrote:
> >>> Peter Hansen wrote
> > ... it would be the *right* thing
> > since he is, after all, the BDFL.
> As you said, it's Guido's call. I'm comfortable he'll make a decision
> that'll be something we can live with.

Yes, definitely.  In fact, just in the unlikely case that he is feeling
some angst about the whole thing, I'd like to say that I think he should 
just apply his usual judgment to the affair and decide what *he* thinks, 
without further concern for the community, and make his decision as usual.

I'm confident that whatever choice he makes will be accepted quickly 
and without much controversy, whether it's "do nothing", the original 
elegantly-backwards proposal, the "let's clone C" approach, or that 
funny thing with the colons...

In fact, if there were a vote on the issue, I suspect most of us would
now vote for the time machine to be put into action just to prevent
the whole discussion from ever happening so we don't have to have wasted 
time reading that massive thread!


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