using a private embedded python

Bryan belred1 at
Mon Mar 31 08:40:39 CEST 2003

is there a common technique for embedding python with your application?  i
need to guarantee product stability and since python is completely open,
anyone can build their own version or install multiple versions, or beta's,
etc..  so, i'm forced to have our own verson of python installed in our own
private location.  if the end user wants to install python2.3a3 so be it,
our product must run on 2.2.2 which our QA department as validated with our
product.  than means on windows, it'll probably end up being in program
files/common files/<company>/python and moving the python22.dll from the
windows directory there too.  on unix maybe it's playing around with
symlinks?  my question is how can i guarantee that from PyInitialize() to
PyFinalize() will use this private version?  do i have to build a version of
python22.dll that doesn't (on windows) look in the registry but is hard
coded to another location?  or should i modify sys.path to include only our
python build area?  can someone please point me in the right direction.



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