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Wed Mar 12 10:47:09 CET 2003

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> Grant Edwards wrote:
> > In article <m3llzlk09m.fsf at>, Andrew Markebo wrote:
> >
> >>|   I was trying to play around with curses .. and the docs say to import
> >>| curses (ofcourse) and run a few methods to setup the screen and such..
> >>
> >> curses is not included in the standard pure windows build of python,
> >> main reason is that there are not much curses libraries out there for
> >> pure windows (haven't found when looking around, a while ago though).
> >
> > There's an implimentation called pdcurses that's available for
> > Win32.  I've never used it, and have no idea if it's compatible
> > with the Python curses package.
> It isn't. I and somebody else on tried last year and failed.
> It's not that it couldn't be made to work, but it doesn't work OOTB.

This link claims a PDCurses for Python (version 1.5.2):

However, note the following:

  Works on Python 1.52. I don't have the sources I'm
  afraid and I don't know where I found this either.
  Use at your own risk!

Frank van Wijgerden

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