IME withTix on multilanguagesupported system ?

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Mon Mar 3 15:24:12 CET 2003

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> "vincent wehren" <v.wehren at> writes:
> > Maybe original poster could also explain *why* he needs an "Input Method
> > Editor" for Vietnamese - as Vietnamese - and this just occurred to me -
> > just a regular keyboard mapping on Windows? Vietnamese is a non-complex
> > single-byte character set (at least on W2K where both CP and ACP are
> > 1258)....
> I think all the user did was to install a Vietnamese keyboard
> layout. You can have multiple of those, and it is quite convenient to
> use multiple keyboard layouts simultaneously, if you are typing
> different languages in different windows.
> I don't know how involved the Vietnamese IME is - but is is surely not
> of the "one key stroke - one character" kind of entering: Vietnamese
> uses more accent markers than French, German, and Danish combined, so
> (I believe) you can't put each character on a separate key. See
> for a few common IMEs for Vietnamese (not sure why none of these uses
> designated dead key letters).
> > I am getting the strong  feeling that if he'd switch the default
> > settings on his system (control panel > regional options > General >
> > Language settings for the system > Vietnamese (needs to be "checked") >
> > Default) and reboot it just might work...
> That might be the case, but is surely unsatisfying: it effectively
> means that you cannot use the "multiple keyboard layouts" feature of
> Win2k with Tk.

Exactly my point. I don't know about 8.4, with in 8.3 there's no way I can
*input* German and Russian in the same widget by switching the keyboard
layout and have them both rendered correctly with the same underlying
codepage (pasting cyrillic alongside German is no problem). It sure seems
like Tk doesn't do anything with the WM_INPUTLANGCHANGE notification (yet).


> Regards,
> Martin

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