Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Mar 20 20:11:21 CET 2003

Konrad Hinsen wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 March 2003 23:51, Jack Diederich wrote:
> >   I would wager there are more people using python than know Esperanto!
> Does anyone have an idea of the number of Python users? The number of
> Esperanto speakers is often estimated at 2 million, but with a huge error
> margin. I guess any estimate for the number of Python users would be just as
> imprecise, and for the same reason.

Also, in the same way that "Esperanto speaker" implies a clear definition
(when in fact there are people who can read fluently yet not speak it, or
who use it casually but are not fluent, or who learned it well thirty years
ago but are not currently active), the term "Python user" implies something
that sounds clear yet is still undefined.  

Is a Python user anyone who uses any piece of software where even a single 
Python bytecode is executed, or is a Python user someone who writes Python 
source code, or is a Python user anyone who downloads or installs a copy of
a Python install package or .rpm?


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