Copying to a web folder in Win2K (or XP)

Tim Ottinger tottinge at
Thu Mar 20 17:27:22 CET 2003

I am writing a python script for a friend who is mired in
windows, and all I really need to do is walk a tree and copy
files (oh, and produce some HTML indices), and that's really
easy. That's what I told my friend.

Then I found out that I'm needing to copy to a Web Folder,
which is not a normal network share, and can't be treated
as a normal connection (apparently). I'm not really savvy
with some windows technology, and apparently this is one of

I apparently need to pass a password and login id to the
web folder. What technology am I looking at? It's not
FTP, so what libraries do I need to get to in order to
connect and copy files? Is this a WebDAV thing?

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