Summary of PEP 308 Vote for a Ternary Operator

Erik Max Francis max at
Tue Mar 11 23:33:12 CET 2003

Stephen Horne wrote:

> It seems that the vote has the worst possible type of outcome - it
> could be interpreted as favoring either factions opinion. Either it
> supports no change (as the no-change vote is more popular than any
> single syntax) or it supports making a change (as, if the particular
> syntax is considered a less important detail, the total votes for
> change outweigh the total votes against).

Given the amount of discussion that took place, I pretty much expected a
contentious vote.  Obviously, no matter what happened with the vote, it
was Guido's final decision, but this just shows that there's enough
support to favor pretty much any position he wishes to take.

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