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On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 02:36:06 +0100, Carel Fellinger
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> Serious, are you still in contact with teachers teaching Python?
> If so, could you pull off another of your Guido convincing things
> and get those teachers to do a little usability study with respect
> to the readability of the conditional expression?

Well, I do run a mailing list for AP Computer Science Teachers. It is not a
very active list. (See )

The College Board has an "official" list that gets many times the traffic
of mine.

The AP Comp Sci teachers do not really teach Python. A few. Probably very
few. Most of them teach C++ and are getting ready to teach Java beginning
next year. I have not been very visible in the community as I've not been
teaching computer science, nor teaching at the high school level, for the
last two years. Currently part time math lecturer at a California State
Univ. and doing full time computer tech support for a web hosting company.

So, I'm not sure I could really get a "turn out" if I tried to do a survey.
Last time I did one, I was very visible and active in the community. At
this time, I've been quite dormant.

And I'm not so sure that it is appropriate, since the teachers I would
survey would be, for the most part, not users of Python. In fact, I'd even
fear that they'd be half in favor of the <cond>?<true>:<false> form, since
most of them teach C++.

Sheila King

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