Working example of extension class in C/C++ ?

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On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 16:20:41 -0500, дамјан г. wrote:

> module. What would be nice, though, is a shared-mem dictionary that also
> can store its values in the sahred memory, thus creating a super-fast
> and simple mmaped Python IPC.

You should look at Java-spaces - which is a Java-fied version of the LISA C

It would be cool if the CPython version were compatible with the
C library, and the Jython version with Javaspaces.  One application of
these APIs is distributed computation with many processors.  For instance,
a supervisor process hands out pixels to compute.  Render threads grab a
pixel location from the job jar and ray-trace it through the scene graph
to produce a pixel value.  Python and C processes would mix well, with
Python supervisor and C render code.  (It is neat to see the distributed
rendering in action - some pixels are fast to compute, and with others the
ligth ray bounces around quite a while.  As a result, the rendered scene
kind of fades into view.  I have never worked with such a system - only
seen demos.)

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