Servicing events from a COM server

John Brydon jbrydon at
Sun Mar 2 23:56:00 CET 2003

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<ZnS7a.634$Xh1.1578 at>...
> John Brydon wrote:
> > I have a COM object implemented with C++ Builder as an out-of-process
> > (*.exe) server. I am accessing properties and methods from a Python
> > script with no problem but require the script to also service events
> > generated asynchronously by the server. Can anyone point me towards a
> > reference for implementing this ?
> You probably need to the entry point for your COM object.  Check out 
> win32com.server.localserver for the main loop an out-of-proc server 
> runs.  You may need to provide your own.  Check out 
> win32com.server.register for how you can provide you own.
> Mark.

Sorry - I don't seem to have made myself clear. The COM object is
happily working as an out-of process server but I need a way of
passing to it the location of a function written in Python script so
that the script can service an event originating in the COM. Were I
doing this all in C++, for example, I would be passing to the COM
object a pointer to my external (client) function. Writing this in
Python, however, I can't see how to do this.


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