Is Python the Esperanto of programming languages?

Cliff Wells LogiplexSoftware at
Fri Mar 21 00:13:03 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 13:53, Andy Jewell wrote:
> On Thursday 20 Mar 2003 12:40 am, Jack Diederich wrote:
> > Saying "good, great, thoughtful, best intentions - exactly like this widely
> > heckeled massive failure who's crowning acheivement was a movie starring
> > William Shatner."  hardly strikes me as a compliment.
> 2) What film was that?  Really - I didn't know there *was* a film which 
> featured Esperanto.  That's probably because it starred William Shatner...

Okay, I've heard about enough William Shatner bashing.  The man's a hero
and if he were here he'd give you each a double-handed pummelling to the
back of the neck.

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!'ly yrs,

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