Help - python headers question.

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Fri Mar 21 06:04:54 CET 2003

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> Hello.
> I'm new to linux, just installed Mandrake 9. I have python 2.2,
> however when i went to install pygtk 1.99.15 it failed configure and
> said "error: could not find python headers." What does this mean and
> how can i fix it? I tried reinstalling python, which didn't help.
> Also, programs where i type python <filename> compile correctly using
> the python engine.

You probably don't have the development RPMs installed on your machine.  To find
out, from a terminal window, do a:

rpm -qa | grep -i python-devel

and see if it returns anything meaningful.

If it does not, you'll need to install them, they are located on one of the CDs
that came with the distro, or off the internet.  You are looking for a file
similarly named to 'python-devel-2.2.2-7.i386.rpm'

Once you have located this RPM, you'll need to install it by (at a terminal

rpm -Uvh python-devel-2.2.2-7.i386.rpm

Please consult the Mandrake website or other resources on the web for more
information on downloading and installing RPMs.

-- brian

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