Object oriented databae for Python

Konstantin Knizhnik knizhnik at garret.ru
Fri Mar 21 18:53:14 CET 2003

Hello achrist,

Friday, March 21, 2003, 7:07:01 PM, you wrote:

aec> Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:
aec> ? This is first release of DyBASE. So I could not call it stable:)
>> But DyBASE is actually based on GigaBASE core and it is almost five
>> years old and is stable enough.

aec> Thanks much for the additional info.  I was looking at DyBase and
aec> GigaBASE and FASTBASE last night, and wondering how hard it would
aec> be to get these to talk to Python.  

aec> I had a little problem with the Dyabase distribution ...

aec> The binaries require MSVCR70D.DLL.  That's a file that's part of
aec> the current MS developer products, but it's not redistributable.
aec> So, my programs wouldn't be redistributable if they used the
aec> binaries.  Worse, I don't even have MSVCR70D.DLL installed on my
aec> machine. 

aec> I expect I'll be trying to re-build this with MSVC++ v6 with 
aec> debugging off in a couple of hours.    

aec> Hope that works.  Any tips?

I have rebuild DyBASE with LIBC (instead of MSVCRT)?
Can you check if it fix the problem?
New version canbe uploaded from my site

And certainly there are should be no problems with rebuilding DyBASE
with VC 6.0.

aec> Al

Best regards,
 Konstantin                            mailto:knizhnik at garret.ru

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