Perl Vs Python, Associative arrays, regex, and other considerations.

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Mon Mar 3 22:48:05 CET 2003

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> >About equal. Both can be interfaced to other languages through C, you
> >can wrap C and C++ libraries for both with SWIG, and both have a
> >number of guis available, with tcl/tk being popular on both.
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> Mike, we disagree.  While I think enough of GUIfied Perl
> to maintain the authoritative FAQ for Perl/Tk, my view is
> that there's no comparison with the breadth of toolkit
> bindings Python offers.  PyQt, wxPython, ...  make for a
> stronger effective range of choices than I see from any
> other language, including C.
> --
Not that I am arguing one way or another, but Perl has binding to those
(mentioned) as well. True?

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