Using poplib to access Yahoo Mail

Alpha Alpha alpha_alpha at nonexistento.neto
Wed Mar 26 15:58:59 CET 2003


I tried using poplib to connect to to connect to my 
Yahoo mail account. I get an error saying please check for the 
error.. etc. And when I log in to my account (using a web browser), I 
get an email saying, "you tried to access Yahoo's pop3 email service, 
which is no longer free .. please subscribe ".. etc.

The point is, when I use a software called poppeeper 
(, to check _new_ messages in my inbox it works 
!! I do not get any email from Yahoo !

I wrote to the developer of poppeeper asking how he accessed the yahoo 
account, and his approach seems to be the same (via !

Is it a problem with the poplib module implementation ?

That said, my objective is to backup all my yahoo emails (around 212 
messages) onto disk, before I run out of space. Poppeeper does not (yet) 
  meet my requirements....

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Best Regards,

Ahsan A.

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