[ANNOUNCE] Fifth release of PythonCAD now available.

Lee Harr missive at frontiernet.net
Fri Mar 28 22:36:14 CET 2003

In article <mailman.1048870490.22835.python-list at python.org>, Art Haas wrote:
> I'd like to announce the fifth release of PythonCAD, a CAD package
> for open-source software users. As the name implies, PythonCAD is
> written entirely in Python. The goal of this project is to create
> a fully scriptable drafting program that will match and eventually
> exceed features found in commercial CAD software. PythonCAD is released
> under the GNU Public License (GPL).

This sounds very cool. Nice work.

> With this release I am also making a request for help in setting up
> a mailing list. The lack of a mailing list for people interested in
> working on PythonCAD to find one another and discuss development issues
> is a hindrance in adding developers to the project. I do not have the
> hardware or connection to set up a mailing list on my own, so I would
> appreciate a few suggestions for sites willing to provide this service.

I have a project at savannah. They give you a nice mailing list setup:
http://savannah.nongnu.org/   or is it
http://savannah.gnu.org/        :o)

> http://www.pythoncad.org

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