win32com: Accessing MAPIOBJECT

Tim Peters at
Thu Mar 13 02:33:19 CET 2003

[Grant Edwards]
> The only thing I can find on Mark's site has to do with
> SpamBayes.

Which is what you're looking for, or more likely the spambayes project
source code, in its Outlook2000 directory.

> What is an "Outlook plugin",

Oulook plugin is to Outlook as, e.g., mxDateTime is to Python.  It's an
extension of the latter's base functionality, and integrated with it.

> and how does it help in fetching the full message headers?

Python source code for extracting the headers from Outlook 2000 is in the
Outlook2000 directory.  Start with ShowClues(), and marvel at the
maze of reverse-engineered Outlook knowledge it leads to.  Telling you that
you want PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS isn't really going to help without all
the code around it that makes it work in real life.

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