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> On Tue, 2003-03-18 at 13:26, Brian Quinlan wrote:
> >  > Where do you get this info?  USB 2.0 is actually rated higher (480Mb)
> > > than firewire (400Mb).
> >
> > You are comparing 1394 to USB 2.0. 1394b (which is what Apple now uses),
> > is 800Mb. See:
> > http://www.1394ta.org/Technology/About/1394b.htm
> Ah.  I knew there was a more recent firewire, but wasn't finding a
> direct reference to it (Apple's site seems fairly vague, or perhaps it's
> because it doesn't work right under Mozilla).
[Skip's G4 comparison]
> >
> > Of course this comparison sucks for a bunch of reasons but it is the
> > best we can do unless we can find people with both types of machines.
> Mostly it sucks because Skip did it <wink>  As I mentioned earlier, I
> doubt using the Cygwin port of Python is going to give very fair numbers
> on the PC.  I haven't used those tools in quite a while, but unless
> something has changed, you can expect a fairly large performance hit
> under Cygwin.
Well, just in case we are in danger of being able to conclude something, let
me weigh in to tell you that my native Windows 2.2.1 (activeState build 222,
confusingly) benchmarks at roughly 14,000 pystones (actual figures vary from
13,900 to over 15,200). The same machine benchmarks under cygwin 2.2.2 at
somewhere over 16,000 pystones, fairly repeatably.

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