class browser

Padraig at Padraig at
Thu Mar 13 18:22:20 CET 2003

Hoang wrote:
> Is there a Python project class browser tool like in Visual Studio?  The
> behavior that is most useful is this:
> - All the top-level classes are listed in the treeview pane.
> - Drilling down gives you the methods and attributes.
> - Clicking on them brings you to the source code of the method or attribute.
> These are just the behaviors of Visual Studio but it is very useful.  I
> thought that ActiveState's VisualPython plug-in would give that
> functionality but it was missing that.  It only lets you browse files in the
> project, which is of limitted use.

I've never used it but I understand this uses introspection
to give a hierarchical view of a project:


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