Condorcet analysis of Official PEP308 Ballots

A. Lloyd Flanagan alloydflanagan at
Tue Mar 11 15:12:34 CET 2003

Norman Petry <npetry at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1047367697.11966.python-list at>...

> In both cases, the preferred option is the status quo, but in the
> complementary vote, the NO TERNARY option has about a 5-10% lead over
> the top-ranked ternary proposals.  In the official vote, this lead
> increases to about 15%.
> Of course, the fact that the status quo is clearly preferred by a
> majority in both votes does not necessarily mean that the ternary should
> not be implemented.  It is likely that many features that have been

FWIW, I voted 'for' a ternary operator, but then saw PEP 312 (Simple
Implicit Lambda).  Now I prefer that as a more general and powerful
solution.  It wasn't an option in the vote.

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