Working example of extension class in C/C++ ?

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Wed Mar 12 13:36:08 CET 2003

>> There already is a shared memory support in Pytohn, look at the mmap
>> module. What would be nice, though, is a shared-mem dictionary that also
>> can store its values in the sahred memory, thus creating a super-fast
>> and simple mmaped Python IPC.
> mmap is a different API than shm.  The OP wants to wrap the SysV shared
> memory API - which does not involve files (except as a kludgey convention
> for constructing 'keys' to identify shm segments).

oh, but isn't SysV shm considered obsolete??
And I don't think there is nothing wrong with mmap.

btw I think there already is shm module for Python. I'm sure I've seen it

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