Concerns about performance w/Python, Pysco on Pentiums

Chris Liechti cliechti at
Thu Mar 6 00:11:55 CET 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote in 
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> More interesting to me, however, is the poor relative performance
> of the faster machines.  I can believe the P3 866 should be about
> 5.5+ times faster than the old P266, but the P4 is only 35%
> faster than it!  (Note, the P3 is running Win98SE, the P4 is running
> Redhat 7.3, both with their "vanilla" Python 2.2 installations,
> in the case of Linux that being the RPM from

the P4 does not seem te be equaly efficient with it cycles as a P3 ;-)

see e..g here, second diagramm and the text below: 

in addidtion to that different compilers (and options) might explain a 
bigger difference. i assume that you used the same python versions and no 
other CPU hogging processes...


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