Iraqis Greeting Americans with Kisses & Handshakes? -----{[++]}-------- oxuvcaky

Matthew matthew at
Sun Mar 23 02:34:28 CET 2003

Troll aside, judging by the angle of the woman's gaze, it would appear 
the marines are about 50 feet off the ground - leaping for joy at their 
success? speeding along on hitech levitational army boots, or maybe 
riding on a magic carpet?

American_Liberators at wrote:
> Attention all protesters, appeasers, traitors, dimwits, any-cause-hangers-on
> peacenick pacifists and other such mental defectives;  this pictures says it all:
> -
> -
> A Muslim woman thanking God Almighty, for her American liberators!
> -
> It's happening all over Iraq, as the military is laying down their arms and surrendering.
> -
> Forgive me if I don't help you wipe the egg off your collective faces, but I think you owe 
> the world an apology, for your utter shortsightedness and stupidity!
> -
> At this moment, I am proud to be an American.

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