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> Maybe something like the __metaclass__ syntax is
> called for:
>    def myfunction(args):
>      __functionclass__ = myspecialfunc
>      ...
> (I know that looks like a local variable assignment,
> but it wouldn't be. As Guido once said about something else,
> "It's a double-underscore name -- I can give it whatever
> semantics I want!")
In a class definition '__metaclass__ = something' is an actual assignment
statement. Also the class suite is executed at definition time, unlike a
function body suite, which is not. Perhaps __functionclass__ could be
external to the definition, then:

def newscope():
    __functionclass__ = myspecialfunc
    def myfunction(args):
    return myfunction
myfunction = newscope()

The def statement checks the local, as well as the global, scope for

I tentatively suggest a syntax change to def which restricts the scope of
the function class to a particular definition while keeping the class
specifier external to the function body:

def(funcsubtype) afunc(args):

where '(funcsubtype)' is optional, of coarse. I haven't checked the Python
grammar to see if anything breaks, but I don't see any ambiguities, and the
syntax change is isolated to the def statement.

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