No Do while/repeat until looping construct in python?

sismex01 at sismex01 at
Thu Mar 13 16:27:07 CET 2003

Troll? Flamebait? Or just uninformed?

> file it right next to "self" as the second of the
> two most-hated "features" of the language.  The problem is
> that as a relatively small language, you can't escape them.

"Hated"?  Yeesh...

> The workaround for (no) repeat is to brake after the test 
> placed at the end of the loop.

repeat ... until (condition)

is exactly the same thing; only that the language places
the responsability of choosing the condition's location
and exit point on the programmer, not the other way

For bonus points, can you point out the advantage of
Python's approach and the disadvantage of language X's?

> The workaround for "self" is to assign a local variable and use it
> instead.


"self", in an instance method, *IS* a local variable.  You can
call it whatever you want: "me", "self", "this", "_", "obj",
"instance", "here", "etc", ...

And, having it explicit and not implicit keeps the instance's
namespace apart from the local namespace.

> Ugly as sin - but they do work.  And they are a hell of a lot 
> easier than learning Japanese in order to learn a rival scripting
> language that doesn't suffer from these particular idiosyncracies.

You mean ruby, that mishmash of C++, Perl and Java?

But japanese is quite cool, I wish I had more time to continue
studying it.


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