pylibpcap for Win32?

Eddie Corns eddie at
Fri Mar 21 22:11:58 CET 2003

grante at (Grant Edwards) writes:

>In article < at>, Gerhard Hring wrote:

>>> I've been looking for a pylibpcap module for Win32. [...]
>> libpcap can be compiled on win32 and there should even be
>> binaries around (the Ethereal I use on win32 uses libpcap).

>I know.  I've got both Ethereal and libpcap installed on win32

>> Is there a specific problem compiling the Python wrapper on
>> win32?

>Don't know.  I don't have a C compiler for Win32, and I've
>never SWIG'ed anything under Windows before.  If I'm going to
>have to learn C programming under Win32, it's probably less
>work to just read the packets in Python...

I recently used wpcap.dll (the win32 pre compiled version of libpcap) in
combination with ctypes with reasonable success.  I was more interested in
generating packets which worked OK but my attempt to read live packets was a
dismal failure (I'd be interested in opinions on why this might be - I suspect
the python runtime is interfering with the capture loop) however the rest of
it looked easy enough.


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