Perl Vs Python, Associative arrays, regex, and other considerations.

Bob X bobx at
Sat Mar 8 02:29:30 CET 2003

"Cameron Laird" <claird at> wrote in message > Nope.  PerlQt's
usable with release 3, but juvenile compared to PyQt.
> wxPerl is at version 0.12.  The FLTK binding's no more than an exper-
> iment.  Perl/Tk never worked under MacOS.  I admit that Gtk-Perl's
> more active than I used to predict.  I've lost track of the maturity
> of Perl XPCOM; I know it used to be a bit fragile.  And so on.
> It could be that I'm not current.  As of a couple of years ago, Python
> bindings were considerably more *serious* than their Perl homologues;
> Pypeople constructed working applications with them.
> --
No, you are probably right.  : )

I only did a cursory search and did not look at the maturity of the
different kits.


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