win32com: Problem with dynamic Dispatch

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Mar 17 22:55:43 CET 2003

Timo Linna wrote:
> I'm using Microsoft's MSXML 4.0 COM library with ActivePython 2.2.2. For
> some
> odd reason, dynamically dispatched COM objects (XML nodes) behave
> differently
> with and without generated type info cache.

Unfortunately, this is exactly why we have the two different modes 
available.  Dynamic dispatch often does not have type info.

If you have a specific problem, then please try and show it.  I'm afraid 
I don't have time to take large globs of peoples code, then try and 
guess what behaviour difference I am looking for.  If you can't show 
your problem in 5 lines, you still have work to do before asking ;)


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