My CTO is learning Python....

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Mon Mar 3 19:51:11 CET 2003

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>If I have to start from scratch, I would (so far) summarize from FAQ 6
>(Python's design), 4 (Programming in Python), 8 (Python on Windows),
>Selected sections from "Dive into Python", Python Cookbook?, DB API 2.0
>(although I'm not sure I can justify $1200/devel for mxODBC yet...),
>Intro to Numeric (we do numerical models), PIL/Piddle/PDFGen, Automating
>Office from Win32 Programming, selected topics that have modules in the
>stdlib (probably borrowing from effbot's work), Gordon's
>Installer/Py2Exe, ??? Am I missing anything?
I know!  Testing stuff's the answer.  Just tell him
that Python's a language that makes testing modules
coded in C, C++, Java, ... convenient, have him read
up on pytest and doctest, and get him to start using
Python to construct regression tests.  At some
point, he'll begin to wonder why he's bothering with
those other languages at all, 'cause testing has be-
come the most fun aspect of programming.

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