Can Python be bundled with Solaris?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Mon Mar 3 17:41:52 CET 2003

    Stephen> It would facilitate the use of Python in Federal agencies if
    Stephen> Sun would bundle Python with Solaris, in the same way that it
    Stephen> now bundles Perl.

As a customer of Sun's you'll probably have more chance of convincing Sun of
the usefulness of bundling Python than random Python aficionados (even
Guido).  Still, here are some things you might try:

    * See if there is any affiliation between Sun and formal Python
      structures such as the PSF (unlike the mythical PSU, the PSF does

    * See if there are any recent contributions to from people with email addresses.

    * Ask your local Sun tech support people if there is some way to
      formally request support of an open source package like Python.

    * Solicit assistance from other Python-using Sun customers.  Perhaps a
      joint letter or series of closely spaced individual letters sent to
      the head of engineering will raise a blip on their radar screen.


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