Testing for a list

Antun Karlovac antun at antunkarlovac.com
Mon Mar 10 20:53:48 CET 2003

I guess you're right. For this particular application, I could just always have a
list, even if it's only got one item in it.

Me being lazy.


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> What is a list ? Is a subclass of a list also a list ? What 
> about a Python object that pretends to be a list ? Why do you 
> need to check whether something is a list anyway ? If you're 
> doing some kind of type-checking, it's usually better not to; 
> instead, have your function blow up when trying to (say) 
> index the passed-in would-be list, informing the programmer 
> than one of their functions called your function with the 
> wrong type of argument.
> If you really really really want to test for list-ness, 
> don't; instead, use the recipe posted earlier that tests 
> whether the object *acts* like a list.
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