Is Python overhyped (just like Java)?

Ajay na ajay_637 at
Sat Mar 29 22:38:09 CET 2003

Can some-one please explain why one would want to use Python? What is wrong 
with C++?

In my opinion, the problem with C++ has nothing to with the language 
semantics.  The problem is that when people are confronted with a powerful 
language like C++, they tend to want to optimize everything to death.  
That's when they get themselves in trouble.

Those who use Python know they are sacrificing a lot in terms of memory and 
speed.  But if they took the same attitude toward C++, they can actually get 
a lot of flexibility, code reuse, simplicity, and all the other benefits of 
OO programming at over half the cost of using Python!  The problem is that 
people who don't understand C++, are afraid to use the 'virtual' features of 
that language because it's 'too expensive'.  But that's stupid...because 
Python's 'virtualness' is even more expensive!

Nope...I'm not trolling...I want someone to give a solid and intelligent 
argument about why I should switch from C++ to Python!


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