Serving a file through HTTP

Thomas Weholt 2002 at
Tue Mar 18 14:18:21 CET 2003

I think if you send the HTTP-header 'Content-type' back to the client with
the content "Application/octet-stream". check the HTTP RFC for the correct
syntax. This will force the browser to open a "Save-as"-dialog on the
client. I think.


"Gumuz" <gumuz at> wrote in message
news:3e770934$0$1129$4d4ebb8e at
> I recently played with the HTTP & CGIHTTP servers.
> The're great fun and I see plenty of possibilities with them :)
> I was wondering: how can I 'serve' a file through this server to a client,
> so the client(browser) will start a file-download(save-as,blabla)?
> regards,
> Guyon

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