[OT] Pycon: "pythooooon" t-shirts

Paul Winkler bass at slinkp.com
Wed Mar 12 20:29:36 CET 2003

apologies in advance for what is basically spam...

A while back I read this comic strip:

and thought "damn i'd love to have a t-shirt from that PYTHOOOOON
scene and wear
it at pycon". I'm guessing there might be a few other people who'd get
a kick out of it, so here's my plan:

* View the shirt here: 

The mega-cool hypno-titanium artwork was graciously donated by cube,
the arteeest, in exchange for a promise of some freebies. And no, i
still have no idea who cube is.

* BY REQUEST ONLY:  I will take requests by email before Tuesday March
18th 12:00 PM EST, and then I will order that many and have them
2nd-day shipped to me. If I don't here from you by then, I won't order
one for you.

* PRICE will be at cost. If there is not enough interest to get a
discount, the cost is $14.99 each.  But IF I get at least 11 requests
(adding 1 for me and 3 for cube), I get the bulk discount so the cost
is $9.74 each.

* send requests to bass at slinkp.com with quantity and sizes (S to XL;
they have XXL to XXXXL for $3 extra).

* Distribution:  there are a couple ways to get them from me:

  - from me at Pycon, give me cash or check and you get your shirt.
    I'll be there for the duration, including sprints.
    Free delivery. ;-)

  - from me in the New York City area (where I live).

  - By mail. You can pay me by paypal including postage 
    and i'll mail a shirt to you.

alternatively you can just order directly from cafepress.  but then we
aren't likely to get the bulk discount so i request people not to do

If anyone's offended by this use of comp.lang.python for "commercial"
purposes, let me say that this is a guaranteed money-loser for me
since i'm covering cube's freebies and the 2nd-day shipping to myself,
and I'd rather not get into the issues raised by marking up the price
(who would get profits? Cube or the PSU, err, i mean PSF?). So what
the heck, I'll just eat the loss, it's not bad.
... unless people request shirts and then back out.  that would suck.
please don't do that.
please send requests, flames etc. to me at bass at slinkp.com, I will not
post here again about this.


Paul Winkler

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