Recommended Linux Laptops, suppliers? I ORDERED A DELL

Brad Clements bkc at
Fri Mar 14 00:47:35 CET 2003

Pot smokers aside, based on a cnet review of recently released low-power
Intel chips.

I ordered a Dell D800 Latitude.

Of course, they're not shipping them, and with my luck there will be some
kind of nasty problem with the initial run of them.

The machine is a little heavier than I wanted, but no more so than a 12"
Powerbook, and it's less expensive with a 15" WXGA screen. 5 hours run time.

Too bad I had to pay for WinXP home :-(

Free Shipping! Expected ship date April 25th. Just a week late for Novell's

See a product comparison of recently reviewed Centrino based laptops at:

(tiny url, otherwise .. big honking URL)

Novell DeveloperNet Sysop #5

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