Rudeness (was: Re: OT: Aspergers link)

Chris Gonnerman chris.gonnerman at
Tue Mar 18 03:38:51 CET 2003

Frankly I can't understand why Carl is so vehement about 
this.  I'm not trying to be a victim; quite the opposite,
discovering that there is a physiological basis for my
differences has been an amazing relief.

Mental illness?  Hardly.  Difference in wiring, or perhaps
a difference in operating system.  At the least, phase 
mismatch at the interface port.  Understanding why the
crufty adaptations I have created over the years (and
converted into habits; nearly as fast as an instinct
but lacking in simulation accuracy) don't work so well
has helped me to fix them.

Before I ever learned there is a name for what makes me
who/what I am, I identified all but one of the classic
symptoms in myself.  I needed a reliable, honest reference;
my wife was a great help there... but until she saw that
there are many like me, it was hard for her to understand
that I can't easily be other than I am.

I hate to admit this, but I agree with Carl about 1/2.
The "Personality Typing" he refers to is just another way
to say the same thing, but without the implication of
malfunction.  That's too weak, but "Syndrome" and 
"Disorder" are rather heavy-handed.  I can't think of a
good middle ground, though.

Carl, why do you feel the need to slap me around for this?
Call it Asperger's Syndrome, or Disorder, or "autistic
related disorder," or heck, call it Bob if it makes you
happy... it's the way I was born, and I can't change it.
I have to learn to live with it, and I have been for
thirty-seven years so far.

Chill out, and grow up.  Your disapproval of my opinion
doesn't excuse your rudeness.  Is there something about
"Personality Typing" that makes it OK?

Chris Gonnerman -- chris.gonnerman at

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