Install Python-2.1.3 problem

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Mar 20 09:43:19 CET 2003

This looks like the Redhat python business: I think that RH72 
comes with Python 1.5.2. This means that when you type "python ..."
you're running a version of python which doesn't understand list
(that the [ext for ext...] stuff) which weren't introduced until python 2.x.
got the download myself, but probably a "./configure && make && make
install" would
do the business as effectively as a a "python".

Alternatively, get an appropriate Python RPM (source or binary) and install


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On Wed, 19 Mar 2003 23:36:22 -0800, Albert wrote:

> I download the open source Python-2.1.3 from Python home page. My
> platform is RedHat 7.2 .After uncompress, I type " python setup
> install" The following word displayed :
> File "", line 57
> extlist = [ext for ext in extlist if == modname]
> ^
> SyntaxError : invalid syntax
> how to solve it?

You might consider getting the current stable version of python (2.2)

Brett Kelly
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