Webware vs Spyce

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Thu Mar 20 00:49:59 CET 2003

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 01:25:29 +0100, Gerhard Häring <gh at ghaering.de>

>For invalid email addresses, please use the invalid TLD, 
>like nobody at nowhere.invalid.

No, my news serwer will reject such no existing domain.

>WebWare can be run in several settings (CGI, wrapper CGI, mod_python
>integration, IIS integration, etc.). Spyce is AFAIK just a templating
>engine that can be run under mod_python. AFAIK it doesn't even do
>session handling.

No, it is not true. Spyce do session handling, also CGI, mod_python or
fast_cgi. It is no a templating system (although it has "spycelambdas"
and integrate with other real template systems like Cheetah). It is
rather embedded Python in HTML (like PHP is embedded in HTML code)

>So to my knowledge, Webware is much more featureful.
>> I am also looking for Python equivalent of caching the SQL queries
>> like ADOdb for PHP. 
>I don't know about ADOdb or PHP, 


>but isn't it some sort of database API?

It is not only API (like PEAR or phpLib  for PHP). ADOdb has several
nice features beyound the basic API abstraction. Eg. it has real
caching system for results extracted from databases.

>The Python equivalent would then be the Python Database API
>specification, for which there are many implementations for the popular
>and less popular databases. See http://python.org/topics/database/

They are nice, but they are no such powerfull like ADOdb. I found only
this: http://csl.anu.edu.au/ml/dm/dm_software.html. 

>To be honest, I wouldn't how to "cache SQL queries". How would you know
>you're not out of sync with the backend database?

I can set up timeout of every query (eg. the cache will be refreshed
every hour, or a day, or a week). I can also refresh it manually
whetever I want. It works fine and for heavy sql queries it is very

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