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Fri Mar 7 19:56:03 CET 2003

Cameron Laird <claird at> wrote:
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>>Kevin Strasser <kstrasse at> wrote:
>>> Is it me or are there seemingly no Python-related jobs out there? Or
>>> am I looking in the wrong places? I really find this depressing --
>>> as I truly love the language.
>>There is no such thing as "Python jobs".  There are jobs, where tasks
>>can be solved using Python, Perl, Ruby, Shell, etc.  You choose.
> Let's make this even more explicit.  For a variety of institutional
> reasons, that have little to do with engineering merit, there *are*
> "Java jobs", "C++ jobs", and so on.  A naive person might reasonably
> expect a proportional number of "Python jobs".  'Tisn't so, though.
> While there are a few "Python jobs", they are very, very few.

Looking for "Python job" is just wrong thinking.  Python is just a tool,
and if Python is the only tool that you know, then I don't think you
will get hired.  I mean hammer is very useful tool, but if you start
hammering away at every task, then it's no better than spoiled oyster...
ahem, I mean Perl.

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