Can Python be bundled with Solaris?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Mar 3 17:41:41 CET 2003

Stephen Ferg wrote:
> My agency requires all software used on its computers to have offical
> approval. This policy is fairly strictly enforced (especially since
> 9/11), although in practice it often doesn't make much sense.  For
> example:  We are using Solaris.  Since Perl "comes with" Solaris, Perl
> doesn't require special approval.  But Python does.

Actually, Python comes with Solaris as well, on the Software companion 
CD (in /opt/sfw, if installed). It is available for separate download from

I haven't actually checked Solaris 8, but on the Solaris 9 companion CD, 
Python 2.2 is bundled.

> It would facilitate the use of Python in Federal agencies if Sun would
> bundle Python with Solaris, in the same way that it now bundles Perl.
> Is there anyway that Sun might be persuaded to do that?

I have tried to persuade Sun for Solaris 9 to move Python from 
/opt/sfw/bin/python to /usr/bin/python (or atleast /usr/sfw/bin/python; 
they have tcl in /usr/sfw/bin), but apparently, my request was ignored. 
If you can somehow join the Solaris 10 beta program (either now, or when 
it gets public), you should add the same request. If your organization 
has a SunSolve contract, you may also want to file a Solaris support 
request to this respect.


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