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Alan McIntyre fusion at
Sun Mar 9 20:00:40 CET 2003

Gary Cramblitt wrote:
> On Sat, 08 Mar 2003 12:15:56 +0000, Thomas G. Willis wrote:
>>I wanted to know if there are any reccomended GUI toolkits for python.
> wxPython is an excellent option.  Together with the
> Boa-constructor IDE you get a nice cross-platform RAD development
> environment with built-in debugging etc.

I'll second that. :)  Most of my software development experience has 
been with Borland's C++ Builder, and (once I had learned a little 
Python) putting together a couple of small applications with Boa was a 
snap, since it behaves a lot like Delphi/Builder.  While it has some 
quirks and bugs, I must say it's not too far from C++ Builder in that 

wxPython is also pretty easy to pick up, although it took me a little 
time to get used to looking at wxWindows (C++) documentation to learn 
how to use it. :)

So my opinion (which may be of questionable value) is that wxPython/Boa 
is a nice combination.  I intend to use them for any future work I do 
that (1) requires a GUI and (2) can be comfortably done in Python.

Hope this helps,
Alan McIntyre

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