No Do while/repeat until looping construct in python?

marshall marshall at
Thu Mar 13 09:07:23 CET 2003

"William Sonna" <wsonna at> wrote:
> Because the person(s) who decide the language refuse to face up to the
> fact that they screwed up by not including it.  Its an obvious flaw that
> dogma prevents from being corrected.

Hmm, that's why Guido published a list of Python regrets, becuase he
is afraid to admit mistakes.

> Its not going to change, either, so file it right next to "self" as the
> second of the two most-hated "features" of the language.  The problem is
> that as a relatively small language, you can't escape them.
To love Python, first love thy self.
> The workaround for (no) repeat is to brake after the test placed at the
> end of the loop.
If you don't brake before the test you are liable to hit it ;)

I think that:
  if finished = 1: break

is just as good as:
  until finished = 1

and it beats having four different loop constructs with different


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