Perl Vs Python

Isaac To kkto at
Sat Mar 8 09:00:45 CET 2003

>>>>> "Dennis" == Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at> writes:

    >>  The disadvantages I think is probably speed, poor documentation
    >> among other things. My experience in some hobby apps I have written
    >> is that python is atleast 10-20% slower than C/C++ and 1-5% slower
    >> than Perl.

    Dennis> For an interpreted language vs a long history of optimized
    Dennis> compiled languages, 10-20% is in the noise.

I think 10-20% is something completely unscientific.  My personal feeling
from writing a Mandelbrot plotter in Python with TkInter is that Python is
at least 10 times slower, if not 100 or 1000 times, if core logic is placed
there.  This is no big surprise: deciphering two objects, adds up the
results in it, add them together and build an object corresponding to the
sum is of course much much slower than just add up integers in 2 memory
locations and put the sum in another.

On the other hand, that's still fast enough for most purposes, since nobody
need things to be fast.  For those performance critical parts you can always
code as C module, compile it and load it from Python.

    >>  Last but not the least perl is going to release 6.0 and python is
    >> still hovering around 2.x.x.
    Dennis> Yes! Proof that Python did it right the first time!

I'd rather say that Python is developed much later than Perl, so it learns
from all the ugliness of Perl. =)


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