OT: Re: Prime number algo... what's wrong?

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Sat Mar 29 18:57:13 CET 2003

nihilo wrote:
> Alex/Mr. Martelli (which did we decide on?), 

It's up to you guys, but personally I prefer Alex.

> do you know when O' Reilly
> will make the book available through Safari, their online book service

I don't know, but I just asked my O'Reilly editor and perhaps she'll
be able to give me some estimate for that time.

> (it isn't available currently in the U.S.)? The paper version is
> wonderful, but there is no substitute for the ability to do a full-text
> search (on terms that aren't indexed in the paper version or on code).

I entirely agree -- searching (AND copy-and-pasting) make Safari very
useful.  If, like in my case, you find yourself traveling a lot, with 
net access just about everywhere but unable to carry all that many 
books around, then that's another plus.  Now that I'm hooked, I wouldn't
give up Safari easily -- it has absolutely not _substituted_ for paper
books in my life, but it's proven vastly useful on its own account.


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