Shouldn't __init__ return self instead of None? (Was: Re: [Tutor] Why error if method __init__ does not return none)

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Sat Mar 22 22:17:39 CET 2003

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Bob Gailer schreef op zaterdag 22 maart om 18:05:29 +0000:
> What is "returned" here is an instance of the class, not what is returned 
> by the __init__ method. I guess that "TypeError: __init__() should return 
> None" is a way of telling you not to return something else with the 
> expectation that it will be available.

This raises an interesting question. Shouldn't it say: __init__ should
return self...? Because _that_ is what it really does...

Of course, changing this would break code, but moving towards this might
be a good idea...?


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