minimum python for distribution on Windows

Bob Roberts bobnotbob at
Fri Mar 21 20:58:53 CET 2003

> > >
> > > IIRC py2exe has a --excludes parameter that tells it to, well, exclude the
> > > module from the distribution.
> > Is it possible to do this without py2exe?  What if I have a large
> > number of scripts that use pretty much the same modules?  It would be
> > nice to be able to distribute the python.exe, the libraries, and my
> > scripts without having to have the python.exe bundled for each script.
> Yes, you can do this - the tradeoff is mostly that you are the one
> responsible for finding and including all the dependencies. The poor man's
> approach is to set your PATH environment variable to be empty and rename
> the directory Python is installed in and put Python.exe and your modules
> in an empty directory. Run it, see what errors occur. Repeat until done.

I tried almost the exact same thing in the beginning, but it kept
requiring all sorts of modules like "site" that I never used.  Would
it just be that pygame was requiring them?

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